Employer FAQs

How does the Work Injury Center’s Cost Containment Program work?
The program is designed to offer employers a risk sharing medical partner to provide a combination of injury prevention, safety, and medical management services to LOWER WORKERS COMPENSATION COSTS, REDUCE CLAIMS AND PREVENT INJURIES.

Our company does not need all the services I see listed on the Work Injury Centers website, can I customize my employer program?
Yes. During an initial consultation, a complete review of your existing safety and injury management programs and resources will be conducted. Following this review, employers will be advised of any recommendations to modify, add or eliminate processes. You will have the opportunity to consider the Work Injury Center recommendations and proceed as you see appropriate.

How is communication maintained regarding services provided for my employee group?
Employer-Provider communication is a vital component of an effective risk-sharing employee safety and injury management program. As such, the Work Injury Centers provides ongoing written electronic and verbal communication regarding employees in our care, within the boundaries of the law. For injured workers, a nurse case manager will be utilized to facilitate this communication between the employer, medical team, and any legal representation.

How do I get additional information and/or join the Work Injury Center’s Employer-Partner Cost Containment Program?
Please contact us at 1-800-709-1138 to schedule a formal consultation with a Work Injury Center representative or case manager.