Experts in the fields of Occupational Health, Safety and Injury Management

We are a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers and safety professionals dedicated to the science of workplace injury prevention, work safety, employee health, cost control, and injury rehabilitation.

We offer local destinations for employers, physicians, insurance companies and case managers to take steps toward getting “best practice” management for work related injuries. We also offer evidence-based prevention services for reduction of work injuries, claims, and associated costs.

Evidence Based, Research Supported Provider Services and Education

Have confidence that reports, tests and measures represent best-practice industry standards and reference research supporting this position for your patients, clients, and employees. You benefit from our years of clinical experience and a multi-disciplinary team of active, practicing professionals.

Locally Owned and Operated Community Based Providers

Our professionals are in your area! We live and work in your communities and have a vested interest in providing the best, most cost- efficient services for your patient/client management and employee health/safety needs.